Support of Accident Management

TES experts have been involved in development, validation and implementation of AccM (Accident Management) documentation on NPP Dukovany (VVER-440) and Temelín (VVER-1000).

In the area of maintenance of AccM documentation we offer following services:

• Performance of DSA for development, validation and implementation of AccM documentation:

o Conditions of AOO, DBA a DEC A
o extreme external conditions
o complete NPP unit including SFP (spent fuel pool)
o shutdown states
o auxiliary and BoP systems (essential service water, cooling water, raw water, etc.)

• Preparation of complete AccM documentaiton
• Independent assessment of third party DSA
• Preparation, oversight and evaluation of AccM validation and training on full scale simulator
• Calculation and optimalization of AccM setpoints
• Review and re-validation of AccM setpoints and documentation following NPP modifications (I&C system refurbishment, new fuel, power uprating, etc.)
• Preparation of Technical Support Centre guidelines

Scope of AccM support

Since 1996 we prepared a number of analyses and report concerning development, validation and implementation of AccM documentation. For calculational analyses we use mainly RELAP5, TRACE and MELCOR computer codes. We participated on preparation of all AccM documentation levels:

  • Operational transients guidelines
  • Emergency Operating Procedures (EOPs)
  • Shutdown procedures (SD)
  • Severe Accident Management Procedures (SAMG)
  • Technical Support Centre guidelines
  • FLEX strategies guidance


Requirements for computational validation

Computational validation of AccM is quite demanding within preparation of accident scenarios and realistic simulation of plant personnel actions. This requires deep experience with real plant operation and organizational conditions (availability of personnel, realistic timing of actions). TES has an advantage of having specialist with past direct experience in real NPP operation.

Neutronic-Physical Calculations for NPP

The project is intended to ensure the transfer of knowledge in the field of neutronic-physical calculations from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication of the University of Technology in Brno (FEKT VUT) to the applicant company TES that has been involved in the conduct of thermo-hydraulic and safety calculations of nuclear installations.
The aim of transfer is to accelerate an innovative process through the development and validation of calculation programs and models facilitating the performance of advanced combined thermo-hydraulic and neutron-physical calculations of nuclear power units.

The project is co-financed by European Union under the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovations for Competitiveness.

Customer Location Implementation
EU, MPO Czech Republic since 2017
Customer EU, MPO
Location Czech Republic
Implementation since 2017