Integrated management system

TES gives the highest priority to quality assurance system, industrial safety and environmental management protection while providing quality services to our customers.

Transparent and systematic approach is the key aspect of the company management on all levels of the TES organisation. That is why our company has introduced Integrated Management System that allows us to improve continually all processes inside the company as well as our commitments to our partners.

The Integrated Management System has been applied throughout all workplaces in full compliance with ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016, ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016, ČSN EN ISO 45001:2008 Standards for the following processes.

  • Engineering services in power and mechanical engineering industry with focus on:
    • Supervision and realization of investment projects and their coordination
    • Mathematical modelling of technological processes
    •  Independent supervision over nuclear power commissioning and operation
    •  Analyses of failure events
  • Development and manufacturing of industrial measuring systems
  • Designing of electrical systems and equipment
  • Measuring of electrical and technological parameters
  • Installation and maintenance activities

Certificates according to the standard as above are available here

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001


TES has met requirements of the national regulation on quality assurance at activities related to peaceful utilization of nuclear power  in accordance with Act no. 263/2016 Sb.  – Coll. – Atomic Act and Regulation no. 408/2016 Coll. which has been verified by audits performed by our key customers (CEZ, a.s., I&C Energo, a.s, Škoda JS, a.s.).

ČEZ, a.s. – TES is on the list of certified suppliers of ČEZ, a.s. that meet the requirements of the quality system.   – certificate
I&C Energo a.s. – certificate


In order to assure the prosperity and stability of the TES, its management proclaims this policy, by which TES undertakes:

  • To maintain and strengthen our share in the power industry – to the maximum extent the needs of the customers by a professional and helpful approach of all employees, to meet our obligations in good quality, quickly and effectively so that the TES will stay reliable partner for its customers.
  • To ensure consistently high level of  qualification of professionals for the activities related to the commissioning of new power plants.
  • To keep its resources and provide for our better quality – constitute conditions for better communication, higher satisfaction and safety of the employees, to support our creative, autonomous and responsible approach and enable the development of skills, knowledge and, in particular, the language skills.
  • To provide for the required quality of our products through a careful selection of inputs.
  • To discuss the requirements for safety and health at work with employees and their representatives and support their involvement in the health and safety at work issues.
  • To participate actively on prevention of potential risks of health hazard and safety at work and risks of environmental contamination or occurrence of material damage. To minimize the environmental impacts due to activities of our company and our subcontractors.

The management of TES will set a good example on compliance and enhancement of the integrated management system and inform its employees as well as other parties about fulfilling this policy.