Independent Validation of Computational Codes

The workhorses of our calculational analyses are the codes shared in frame of U.S. NRC’s international cooperation programmes CAMP (Code Applications and Maintenance Program) and CSARP (Cooperative Severe Accident Research Program).

Within these programmes independent validation and testing of aforementioned codes is carried out. Independent testing is provided by international community of users usually by means of benchmark calculations of experimental measurements at IET (Integral Effect Test) a SET (Separate Effect Test) facilities.

Benefits of independent validation

Velkým přínosem nezávislé validace je skutečnost, že jako referenční jsou často vybírány experimenty, které nejsou součástí standardních validačních matic používaných vývojáři programů. Tím je rozsah ověřování daného programu dále rozšiřován. An advantage of such  validation is the fact, that users choose experiments, which are not included in standard validation matrices used by the code developers. In this way the scope of code validation is further extended.

TES activities in this field focus on validation of phenomena specific for VVER type of reactors.


Reports published

Selected results of independent validation of computer codes are published in the publication series U.S. NRC NUREG/IA and they are shared with community of code users. These documents are freely available at U.S. NRC web page:

TES results published in the U.S. NRC NUREG/IA edition are available also in the Download sections of this website.