MCSA method used to diagnose reactor cooling pump´s motor at NPP Temelín

25. 1. 2017

TES specialists have recently performed regular diagnostic measurements of reactor cooling pumps’ motors at Temelin nuclear power plant. Within the measurement, Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) was applied which is a non-invasive diagnostic method that allows early detection of incipient stator and rotor faults. It involves simple measurements that can be performed without interruption of the machinery operation. TES in cooperation with Brno Technical University has developed advanced measuring equipment and software solution that further improves results and reliability of the failure detection in induction motors. While the advantages of the MCSA method have been demonstrated on nuclear power plant equipment maintenance, the TES measuring equipment and evaluation software is suitable for all industrial applications where induction motors are used.

Development of Design Extension Conditions documentation for nuclear regulator

8. 7. 2016

The company TES succeeded in another public tender for scientific and technical support of State Office for Nuclear Safety (SUJB) of the Czech Republic in the area of nuclear safety. In frame of this contract TES experts will elaborate documentation containing safety instructions and methodological guidelines for preparation and evaluation of deterministic safety analyses of Design Extension Conditions (DEC A) and safety analyses of nuclear power plant shutdown modes. This work is the latest example of long-term and successful history of TES activities in providing the technical support to Czech nuclear regulatory authority in the field of strengthening the safety level of nuclear reactors in Czech Republic.

Technical support of nuclear regulatory authority within commissioning of unit 3 and 4 of Mochovce NPP

1. 7. 2016

The company TES as a consortium leader won a major contract for scientific and technical support of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (UJD) of the Slovak Republic within commissioning of Unit 3 and 4 of NPP Mochovce. In frame of this project company TES provides independent support to nuclear regulatory authority within its assessment activities and checking the compliance with nuclear safety requirements. The project involves not only the assessment of documentation, but also round the clock monitoring of commissioning activities at NPP Mochovce site until all required tests will be successfully finished. The other members of consortium are VUJE and UJV Rez.