Unit 3 of the Mochovce NPP connected to the power grid

10. 2. 2023

One of the two turbine – generators of the Mochovce NPP (Slovakia) was connected to the power grid on January 31, 2023.  The start-up of the second turbine -generator was carried out a few days later on February 4, 2023. This is the first time within  commissioning stage when the Mochovce NPP, Unit3  started to supply electricity, operating at 20 % power output.

Nuclear engineers from the TES s.r.o. company have been involved in the commissioning of new  Mochovce NPP units since 2015, when the company was awarded the contract for the scientific supervision over the commissioning of the Mochovce NPP, Unit 3 for the Nuclear Authority of the Slovak Republic. The subject of the contract is to provide support for non-active and active commissioning of components and systems of new nuclear power units with particular focus on the implementation of nuclear safety principles. TES is providing continual monitoring of works including successful completion of all prescribed tests and assessment documentation.

Among major activities of the recent period the TES specialists have submitted test documentation assessing  that the stage of physical start-up was completed. Next, the energy start-up tests will follow, including a number of tests performed at different power outputs. The stage of energy start-up is finished by first connection of both turbine-generators to the power grid.